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    Royal Albert Home

    This might be of interest to some members.

    Under the banner of the Royal Albert Hall.

    Royal Albert Home brings exclusive sessions from artists’ homes to yours whilst the Hall is shut.
    These shows are all available for free but, if you can, please donate to the Hall in lieu of a ticket.

    Full list of sessions can be found here (more than 30)

    Here is the Richard Thompson session
    <span style="font-family: lft-etica">

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    Royal Albert Home | Royal Albert Hall — Royal Albert Hall

    This session will be broadcast for free on this page at 20:15 BST on Thursday 14 May 2020.

    Singer-songwriter David Ford will deliver an exclusive set from his home as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions.

    In these strange times, closing the Hall’s doors is the best way to look after the world, but we are now opening a (virtual) window for you to experience some of the most talented artists around.

    Ford is often praised for his lyrical dexterity and willingness to tackle matters of politics and current affairs, Rolling Stone commended his “Genuine depth and striking authority”, while The Telegraph described his work as “Smart, angry, witty, emotional songs, delivered with raw-throated passion.”

    His debut album, I Sincerely Apologise for All the Trouble I’ve Caused, was included in both The Times and Word Magazine’s top ten albums of the year.

    Ford has been documenting the unfolding story of COVID-19 in song, releasing new songs throughout the crisis; and we are delighted to bring his music from his home to yours as part of the Royal Albert Home series.

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    This ought to get SA spitting his Liptons all over his Primark cargo pants...

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