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    Advice needed to buy a security camera

    Hi, we are living in countryside in the middle of rice field. Many times in the night or very early in the morning some thieves stole some work tools in our tool shack. So now we would like to install a camera to identify the people. Could you recommend me a model with a night vision you use ?


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    Do you need it connected to the internet for real time surveillance or do you prefer a camera operating on movement and storing the photos on a card you can check later?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy View Post
    prefer a camera operating on movement and storing the photos on a card you can check later?
    better for the job in hand - but don't let anyone mention you have it or they will steal it

    50 USD and add a memory storage card - gaff tape it somewhere concealed and where it will get a good look at their faces SearchText=trail+camera

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    We installed a system around the house and it cost but, I must say, a few faked cameras and signs have had as significant an effect.

    The first set of cameras we had installed were "guaranteed" Sony original. They weren't. Sony case, cheap shit chips..
    The system we've now got is genuine but I'm quite sure the signs and the fake cameras are as effective as anything genuine.
    Movement sensitive flood lights and a healthy Bankeo or Alsatian work well.
    Well, it has for us for the last 10 years and we're deep in the Golden Triangle.
    Our 8 cameras record onto a hard drive that loops every 12 hours, I think.
    It's the same system I had on remote schools in Australia.
    Once again though, I rexkon the signs, in Thai and English plus cheap fakes from Lazada do most of the work.

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