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    Quote Originally Posted by Edmond View Post

    Presuming that's what a snack between lunch and dinner is.

    Quote Originally Posted by cyrille View Post
    Nothing like opening with a true thigh slapper of a gag.
    Ladies and gentlemen we have a Linner.

    Quote Originally Posted by aging one View Post
    Free house, day off, and I can cook a steak sandwich with no complaining as they dont eat beef.
    Not a bad effort, Mrs. Doesn't Wear The Trousers.

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    M'Sahib is a pescatarian, and has never had any inclination to share any meat based food that I prepare (she says the only meat she sometimes gets a yearning for is duck). Anyway, quite surprised the other day when she returned from shopping with a couple of meat substitutes, namely pseudo pork belly and pork mince. She cooked herself a pad krapow today using a mix of the two, and invited me to taste. In fairness, if I hadn't already known, I'd have taken them for the real thing. The 'pork belly' in particular actually tasted genuine, even the 'fat'. These food substitutes usually come at a premium, but these were a reasonable 180 baht or so each, each being a pack with 3 sachets of 200 grams product).

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