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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaroo Banzai View Post
    That looks great!!
    I did say "Except for some recipes that a filet is required, " the above being one of them.
    Stuffed filet of sole is another one (Image not mine, lifted from internet)
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    for fish and chips , I like Cod , deep fried in a nice butter. I can eat it all day.
    But for other than that, (for us) a whole fish is so much more tasty. because of all the juices from the bones and other things, plus IMO so much more fun picking the bones clean.
    For everyone who has mentioned battered fish, you are spot on. As much as i love fancy fish dishes, i enjoy a big lump of battered fish and chips just as much! Maybe we are overthinking this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarilynMonroe View Post
    Boring thread, so the guy posts a video..woopie doo.
    I'm not a fan of mushy peas.
    At least he cooks some food. All you do is take a frozen prepared portion from a freezer bag bung some oil on it and fry it. Hell you dont even defrost what you cook. Damn woman..

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