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Science Name : Spilornis cheela
General Characteristics : Is a medium to large sized eagle with the body size of approximately 51 to 71 centimeters. Both male and female have the same characteristics which its head and its crest looks like the fan with black color and pale white stripes. The upper part of the body is dark brown especially the wing will have white dots spreading allover. The lower part of the body is brown with white dots spreading allover. The fully grownup when flying will distinctively be seen the wide white stripes on the tail and the area under the wing.
Habitat / Food : Can be found in India, China, Hainan, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand, Indochina, and Malaysia. In Thailand, it can be found in every region in the medium number.The Crested Serpent Eagle loves to eat snake as well as poisoned snake. Besides, it also eats small bird and other reptiles.
Behavior / Mating : Can be found in the plain forest and the hilltop forest which is near the water source. It normally hovers in a circle at a very high distance to seek for the food. It flies at the level of 1,500 meters from the sea level.The Crested Serpent Eagle breeds approximately in May to June. It lays one egg each time. The egg is beige, yellowish white, or greenish white. Both sexes help each other incubating the egg for 26 to 28 days.
Current Status : Is a protected wild animal according to Wild Animals Preservation and Protection Act B.E. 2535

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