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    chiang mai
    Hashish, that's a lovely photo. I wish it would revive itself near me.

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    ^ Thanks Stroller...

    what I've always wanted... a Telletubbies birthday cake!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thaimeme
    Hashish is reviving itself in popularity..... Always was my favourite.
    being the traditionalist that you are I woud have expected dross to be your preferred material

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    Quote Originally Posted by thaimeme View Post
    Hashish is reviving itself in popularity.....

    Always was my favourite.

    Back in the 60s we rarely saw anything else. I always preferred hash to grass, and there was some truly excellent stuff around. Afghan Mazar, Chitrali, Nepalese...

    Mind you, I have to admit that when I hit Thailand for the first time in 1971, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the Buddha sticks were. I'd flown from Calcutta, where you had to smoke a carrier bag full to get a hit. Cheap as chips, but hard on the throat. When I got to Bangkok, I was initially in the Malaysia hotel, and not long after my arrival, the local hustler was knocking on my door to sell me some grass. I almost fell over when he told me how much it cost per stick, but I suggested he roll a spliff so I could try it. Phew! We only shared a very small one, but I was blatzed! So to hell with the expense - I bought ten. And they lasted me ages.

    But I still prefer hash, even though I haven't seen any for years. It's the smell and the taste. I used to say that I'd smoke hash spliffs even if I didn't get stoned on them because they taste so good.

    Those balls look like Nepalese Temple Balls. Nice. Not sure about the brick. I'd say Lebanese, but it looks too moist for Leb. The buds look nice, too.

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