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    Quote Originally Posted by Reg Dingle View Post
    ^ You're doing Bangkok all wrong.

    Do it the Hallelujah way.

    Check out at Midday the day before your flight. Save the money from your airport hotel and spend it on a nosebag and some horse tranquiliser off some dubious African down Soi 13, then drag your suitcase around Pat Pong, Nana, Cockatoo in Cowboy and end your sesh getting a tuk tuk to the airport from Soi 22 at 5am stopping off at some wonky pharmacy to pick up a few Xanax for the flight back and to drop off the 3 ladyblokes he's been pulling off all night.

    Trust me, you'll sleep like a baby on that 23 hour flight
    Only one night? Amateur

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    Quote Originally Posted by hallelujah View Post
    Anybody got any recommendations near Don Mueang?

    And it was sounding like a good night out until you insisted on Boys Town.

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