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Thread: Koh Chang

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    Few more random pics

    Caught the flame show at dinner last night.

    Beauty day enjoying a beer

    Quick view as I had stop to avoid running over a group of monkey's running.

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    Great pics JP. Idyllic!

    Must be great having the place to yourself, or does that get boring after a while? I guess they've cut down on their staff and the reason for those sandflies is because there's no fucker raking that beach.

    You don't see sandflies in Pattaya That'll be foot traffic, or pollution though.

    Send the hotel an email calling them a lazy bunch of fucks. I never saw any sandflies in Koh Chang, I did in the neighbouring Koh Kut though.

    Looked a great spot. Cheers for warming me cockles.

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    Today @ 12:05 PM
    Gald they still have fire shows. The no fun movement hasn't shut them down yet

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