Cultural Map AR is an application by the Ministry of Culture (Thailand) which provides information of cultural destinations around the users. The app will also show the location of the place and other information such as brief history of the place, architectural design.

Cultural Map AR Application has been developed based on the desire of our team to provide the accurate information for people who want to experience and visit our cultural places in Thailand. These places include: temples, monuments and memorials, museums, and local markets, either in Bangkok and other provinces. Also, we provide both Thai and English language for foreign travelers.

Moreover, Cultural Map AR also includes the AR, Augmented Reality, system which will interact with mobile phone’s camera of the user when the feature is turned on and will result location direction along with the real environment.

application feature:

  • Show information of cultural locations
  • Find locations on maps
  • Find locations by groups of provinces
  • Find recommended locations
  • Display by AR system
  • Save your favorite places

Cultural Map AR Application is now available for free download on both Android and iOS.