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    Sleepy Bang Saray

    Spent a nice weekend in the BangSaray/Baan Amphur area. Great English breakfast at Mokador Cafe in Bang Saray,excellent food served hot, delicious cappuccinos, and the most comfortable seats I've found inThailand!
    A small, sleep hamlet, quite charming, looked at a few of the condos in that area,but the prices were massively inflated-the speculators seem tone turning it into another Phuket, and quickly, price-wise.
    Anyone familiar with this area? What do you think of it, would love to hear experienced views.

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    Lived there back in the day when I was the only Farang in town. Stayed out at the south end of town at the Bang Saray Fishing Club which I imagine isn't there any more. Later, rented a house just off the beach also south of that big Wat that was built after I left.

    Very quiet place and a good respite from Pattaya.
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    Where are the pictures?

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    We eat at the seafood restaurants regularly. They are still relatively cheap, but property prices are rising, I agree.

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    Not where I want to be
    We've been based in the Baan Ampur / Silver Lake / Bang Saray area for almost 5 years now and have not found any place in Thailand all that much better for our needs

    Thaimat, if you like Bang Saray and can deal with the weekends then it's all good (one constant traffic jam on the beach rd and hard to find parking ) but for 5 min drive have a look at what is on offer on the east side of Sukhumvit along this stretch.

    Lots of new developments, definitely cheaper than Bang Saray, (in most price brackets) specially in the area around the Wat Yan / temple lake.
    If you're in the Tb8m+++ bracket, Nusa Chivani has just put their first Tuscan attempts on the market - across the road from the Cartoon Network theme park under construction.

    We regularly go to the jetty restaurants on a week day evenings and they are always good value and reasonable consistent.
    It's usually 1h.30-45m steady drive to the airport, no traffic lights but 2 toll booths via 331
    Pattaya is close enough for the shopping and all the other stuff without it being shoved in your face.
    Beaches along Ban Ampur to BS are generally cleaner, less crowded than Jomtien and beyond and you're less likely to encounter cigar fish in the water.
    No really sure what effects these two water parks and the growth of Silver Lake will have on the $$ value of the area but the traffic on Sukhumvit and the road leading to Silver Lake (first traffic lights after Baan Ampur) are a concern.
    There's some talk of widening and improving Sukhumvit RD. from Ambassador to BS

    A great area to live if you like fresh air, peace and quite, riding mountain bikes and going for a "fang on the fino" around dusk on all the back sois!

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