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    belated happy burpday old fella..i trust you burnt it up in style ..i,m with ST, i love roaring up DOI SUTEP..dunno about a pushy though, i,ve had some great races up there and always had a laugh at the young fellas,2/3 up on there bombed up scooters giving it there all..roar past em, let em catch up, pass ad do it again..good fun for all

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    Looks like you had a great time !

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    ^ 9 years ago pal

    Tp put some perspective on it. The 2 young girls have graduated and are working, and you have to cut the old man you see in the photo in half and count the rings to get his age as you do with a tree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aging one View Post
    I am still trying to get the photos out of a freaking I pad taken over the next 2 and a half days, but I will get more up soon of our trip to Mae Rim and Mae Sa Waterfalls.
    Enjoying you Thread very much. One of the first places we want to go when we get back is Chiang Mai. we have never been there. They say that for vaccinated people they might start 7 day quarantine in Chiang Mai, if that becomes an option we will do our quarantine there.
    You have a beautiful family, enjoy your trip!!
    If you have a FB account , simply use their messenger, and message yourself with the pictures, then open FB on what ever other device you want , like from your lop top or telephone, and save the pictures on that device. I do it all the time.

    PS: didn't se that it was your B-day until later on in the thread
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