Lam Khlong Ngu National Park


General Information

Lamklongngu National Park is fertile forest complex in the Tanaosri Mountain Range. The area has a high diversity of forest habitat and wildlife due to its close proximity to Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary and Khao Laem and Khaoen Sri Nakarin National Parks. It is an excellent area for recreation and discovering nature. The large, towering limestone mountains are the watershed for Sri Nakarin Dam and cover an area of 600 km2.


Most of the Park is amaze of mountains running on north-south axis. It is a part of the Tanaosri Mountain Range and important peak is Bo Ngam Mountain


The weather in the area is a kind of tropical climate which influenced by southwestern monsoon in summer and northeastern monsoon in winter, and the area also consists of complicatedly high mountain so that causes very hot temperature in summer and very cold in winter. The weather is three seasons as follows.
The summer is from March to May.
The rainy season is from June to October.
And the winter is from November to February. There is cloudy sky from June to September and less cloud from November to April.

Flora and Fauna

The mountains are covered by mixed deciduous forest with Pterocarpus macrocarpus, Afzelia xylocarpus, Xylia kerrii and Diospyros mollis. Wildife includes are serow, elephant, barking deer, sambar deer, wild boar, Asiatic black bear, clouded leopard, tiger, macaque, langur, and gibbon.