Budo - Su-ngai Padi National Park


General Information

Parks covers an area within Naratiwat, Pattani and Yala Provinces. It has difficult vegetation such as Calamus caesius Blume. Whay Ta Kha Thong and Groden Leaves. In the past there was Phu Lo and Bu Do ambuscade robber gangs. That places of interesting such as Pajo, Chatawarin, Pu Sadet, Jampakro Waterfalls.


Itís complex mountains (Soil-mountain) laid north towards south with its highest mountain of 1,182 meters above average sea level (Ta Wei Mountain). This area originates many rivers such as Sai Buri, Klong Ba Jur, Klong Ka Young, etc. Generally soil characteristic is clay mixced with sand. Mostly Stone is lava stone but some areas are limestone and big stony.


Its climate pattern can be divided into 2 seasons. Rainy season starts from May to December, Summer starts from January to April.

Flora and Fauna

Itís Evergreen forest covered with crowded big trees including Hopea, shorea faguetina Heim, Parashorea stellata Kurz, spcies in Dipterocarpaceae Family(SAYA), Malacca teak, Chestnut iron wood, Gutta percha tree. Endangered and endermic species are Calamus caesius Blume, Palm Bung soon or Lee paa, which found only in hill evergreen forest. These two endermic species are assumed to be left only in this area.

Fauna consists of Barking Deers, Mouse Deers, Serows, Flying Squirrels, Monkeys, Eagles, Yang Ria Birds, Ferruginous Wood Partridges, Thick-billed Pigeons, Maroon Woodpeckers, Red-rumped Shamas, White-rumped Shamas, Bushy-crested Hornbills, red jungle fowls, etc.