Is held annually on the third lunar day of February (3rd February 2016) to celebrate the end of the harvest season, the fair is a vibrant, fun filled event, designed to show-case and conserve the unique cultural heritage of Isan. During the festivities there is a large and colourful parade to honour the goddess of rice Mae Pho sop with a mass of decorated floats and people wearing many different Isan traditional dress.
There are also a number of ceremonial events including the spiritual ‘Baisee’ ceremony. (It is believed the observance of Baisee was prevalent in Thailand even before Buddhism) and the equally ancient protective ritual of Baisi Su Khwan

Fair goers can also expect to enjoy various Isan cultural performances in both dance and music along with the opportunity to buy locally hand made products such as silk, mat-mi cloth, khit cloth, khit pillow and not forgetting the chance to taste authentic Isan food.