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    Ban Chang - Phayun Beach

    Ban Chang is around 45km from Pattaya and has 3 nice beaches, Phayun Beach, Had Nam Rin Beach and Phala Beach, this is Had Phayun, ie Phayun Beach, out of the 3 beaches this is probably the worst for litter etc but it is still a nice beach, lots of crab holes and Thai people fishing with rods on the beach so lots of sea life.

    When you are heading for Phayun Beach and get to it you want to head right, this area is for tourists and locals with restaurants and a nice hotel on the beach, if you turn left this is mainly for the fishermen and is quite heavily littered, plus they collect the fish there and the smell of rotting fish is never that nice.

    Still, Phayun Beach don't look that bad. The nice hotel in the background.

    Looking towards the fisherman area.

    Near where the fishermen and women sort their fish out there is quite a lot of rubbish and driftwood, also one of those great big light bulbs used for squid fishing, probably not something you would want to stand on in bare feet.

    Pretty sure they don't go out far to sea in these little fishing boats, looks like they have to paddle them aswell, not much fun if your doing it for a living.

    A pile of dead starfish, not sure why they didn't just chuck them back into the sea, maybe too invasive for the area?

    The Thai fishermen also use those small nets by walking out into the sea with them, plenty of small fish but a fillet of one of these wont fill you up

    You can learn more about Ban Chang here - The Thailand Forum Ban Chang

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    Dn't tell everyone otherwise there will be no free tables at Rim Nam or whatever that restaurant is called. Beer and vittles with toes in the sand. Magic.

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    A few decent seafood restaurants in the area as well Talay II and Romsons to name two. In the top picture the green building is new construction and it looks as though it is going to be either condos or an extension of the Phala Cliff Hotel.

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    although Romsons is at Nam Rim Beach. Romsons has also increased in price quite a lot in the last 12 months. Still popular though.

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    A little close to the mapthaput area dont you think?
    Seen all those empty houses along the beaches a bit further west? Me and the missus got strange skin rashes after swimming there a couple of days. Lovely restaurant at the beach though and lovely beaches, pity its so polluted, it could be world class. If you search on the web you find some scary information about the area.

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