My wife's parents are looking to rent out 28 Rai of good quality farmland on a long term basis, as they are now at the age where they are looking to wind down their farming activities, after a lifetime of hard work.

The farmland is located a couple of kilometers from the centre of Tha Muang.

It has the following plus points:

  • Situated next to a tarmac road.
  • Access road surfaced with crushed stone, so no getting your vehicle stuck in the rainy season.
  • Single phase metered electrical supply present.
  • Access to water supply via local authority irrigation channel, which runs right next to the land.
  • Rudimentary farm buildings which can be used for secure storage, and primitive accommodation.
  • Can also if required come with one live on site farm labourer.
  • Also available is a water supply via a well, and electrically driven centrifugal electric pump.

The land is presently planted with: Sugar cane, Banana trees, Bamboo (grown for the shoots), Papaya fruit, and Dahla flowers, the odd Jack fruit, and Mango Tree are also present.

To my knowledge the land has previously been used to grow: Jack fruit, Leechy, Rambutan, Custard apple, Spring onion, Corriander, Coconut trees, Sweet Basil, and Sweetcorn. In fact Pretty much anything will grow well here providing it gets watered correctly.

If this sounds like it could be of interest, then feel free to drop me a PM for more details.

Or if you prefer to meet up and discuss face to face, then I and my wife will be in Thailand for most of December 2016