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Reception Desk - 24 hours
Air conditioner
Satellite TV
Wireless Internet in room Refrigerator Mini bar
Laundry Private Parking Housekeeping
Massage Room service Warm - cold water
Restaurant Security by solar cell system

Surin Attractions :

Elephant Village

This elephant village at Ban Ta Klang on Highway No. 214 (Chom Phra-Ta Tum) can be reached by going to Km. 36 and left for 22 kilometres. The locals here are called the Suai people. They are skilled in capturing, training and raising elephants. An elephant museum here displays a complete elephant skeleton, its organs, tools used to capture elephants, elephant-raising techniques, and the history and development of Surin elephants.

Prasat Ban Phluang

Built around the 16th-17th Buddhist century. This small sanctuary has very detailed designs. The site is 4 pagodas on a rectangular laterite base. Each pagoda is square and made of sandstone with floral and human figure designs. Ban Phluang sanctuary is at Km. 32 on the Surin-Prasat-Kap Choeng road.

Prasat Si Khoraphum (Surin Prasat Sikhoraphum)
Si Khoraphum khmer sanctuary at Tambon Ra-ngaeng at Km. 34-35 on Highway No. 226 is 5 pagodas on the same base. Each is about 30 metres high. Designs adorn the door columns and lintels. The site was built around the 17th Buddhist century.

Prasat Ta Muean

This khmer santuary is 12 kilometres from Ban Ta Miang on Highway No. 214 on the Thai-Cambodian border. Prasat Ta Muan Tot has a square base made of sandstone, similar to those at Ban Phluang. Prasat Ta Muan Thom is 200 metres from Ta Muan Tot sanctuary. Situated near a stream, it consists of 3 pagodas with floral and idol designs. There are also 2 laterite buildings and a pool beyond them.

Silverware and Silk Villages, Surin

Silverware and Silk Villages can be reached by taking the Surin-Chom Phra road (No. 214) to Km. 14-15, then 4 kilometres to the right. These villages are Ban Khawao Sinnarin, Ban Chok and Ban Sado, all nearby one another. The beautiful silverware and silk products made here are sold to shops and tourists.

Prasat Phumpon

This khmer sanctuary is at Tambon Dom, 10 kilometres from the district office on the Sangkha-Buachet road. This is one of the oldest Khmer sanctuaries in the Northeast and was built around the 12th-13th Buddhist century.

Prasat Yai Ngao

This is a Khmer sanctuary beside Highway No. 24, 4 kilometres from the district office.

Prasat Ban Phlai

Ban Phlai sanctuary is at Tambon Chua Phloeng, 10 kilometres from the district office. This Khmer religious site consists of 3 brick buildings on the same laterite base with a moat surrounding them. The buildings were built around the 16th Buddhist century.

Prasat Muang Thi (Surin Prasat Muang Thi)
Prasat Muang Thi is 16 kilometres from Surin on the way to Si Khoraphum on Highway No. 226. Three square brick pagodas were part of five on the same base.

Phraya Surin Phakdi Si Narong Changwang (Pum) Monument

Located on Surin’s inner wall in the past, the Monument was constructed in 1984 in commemoration of Phraya Surin Phakdi, the first Governor of Surin. The brass figurine, 2.2 meters high, holds a hook in his right hand, reflecting his mastery on elephant at war, and the historical link between Surin and elephants.

Near the monument is elephant shrine, which recounts the events during the construction of Surin.

Many tourist attractions and sacred places in Amphoe Muang Surin reflect its long history and its close relation with elephants.

Amphoe Muang is thus a good start for a visit to Surin, the land of elephants and Khmer ruins.

City Pillar Shrine

Located on Lak Mueang Road, 500 metres west of city hall, the shrine is a sacred icon of the city. At first, the shrine did not house any pillar. In 1968, the Fine Arts Department has designed a new city shrine and got golden cassia log from Mr. Prasith Maneekan, Amphoe Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi, and made it the city pillar. The log is 3 metres long and
1 metre long in circumcircle. The rite and celebration took place on March 15, 1974.

Phanom Sawai Forest Park

Phanom means mountain and Sawai means mango. Phanom Sawai, the closest forest to the province, is a small mountain covered with Mixed deciduous forest. Phanom Sawai war regarded as a pilgrimage site.

On the 1st day of the waxing moon in April many people walk to the temple on the mountaintop to listen to the Buddhist doctrine and to make merit.

In front of the forest Headquarters, there are a number of reservoirs and short trekking routes.

The first peak at the altitude of 210 meters, called Khao Chai or Phanom Pro, houses Wat Phanom Sawai. Phra Buddha Surinthara Mongkhon, the huge brick - and - concrete Buddha statue in the posture of giving blessing, can be seen from far away. The second peak at the altitude of 228 meters is called Khao Ying or Phanom Sarai.

On the third peak, called Khao Khok or Phanom Krol, the Buddhist Society of Surin constructed a pavilion with eight porticos on the occasion of Rattanakosin Bicentennial Celebration.

The replica of Buddha’s Footprint was moved from Khao Chai to be enshrined in this pavilion.

Also located on this peak is the pagoda in memory of Phra Rat Wutthachan (Luang Pu Dun Adulo), in which his statue is enshrined.

Wat Burapharam

Wat Burapharam is on Krung Si Nai Road near the provincial hall. It houses Luang Pho Phra Chi, a sacred Buddha image of the city. This old image was built during the Thon Buri period at the same time Surin was founded.

Surin National Museum, Surin

Situated at km. 4 of Surin-Prasat Road, on the left before bypass road. The museum features five areas namely geography, archeology, city history, ethnology, and heritages of the province.

Info : by Tourism Authority of Thailand

Huai Sa Neng Reservoir

This reservoir is a popular recreational area for the people in Surin and nearby Provinces. Many come here to picnic, to admire the sunset atmosphere, and to fishing.

Outdoor lovers can ride mountain bike around the reservoir, or rent boats from local people to go fishing in the reservoir. The rental charge is negotiable.

For bird watchers, south of the reservoir features a large lotus pond where many water birds inhabit, such as the jacana, moorhen, and various kinds of teal. Some birds, such as wagtail, pipit, and kingfisher, migrate to this place seasonally.

Contact for details about the accommodation around Huai Sa - neng Reservoir at Surin Irrigation Project, Huai Sa - neng Reservoir, Surin , tel. (044) 511966.

Nong Khu National Forest

The Royal Forestry Department, with the cooperation of the Danish Government, has explored and designated this 625 - rai area to be a pine conservation area Despite its inclination for mountainous area, pine here grows on the plain in Mixed deciduous forest, mixing with other trees such as timber trees, redwood and crape myrtle. The Department has designated trekking routes, prepared recreational areas, and grown some more trees.