Hello all,
Looking for an inexpensive way to ship from Oklahoma USA to the Udon Thani area. Actually a small village outside Udon.

Previous life I shipped to Philippines using a company that held until they had a full container. At destination, package could then be picked up in major Philippine city rather than door to door. It was not fast, but was a great way to move the garbage... uhhh... garage sale items my then wife would send back home. Unfortunately, the company with which I was familiar does not ship to Thailand. Looking for something similar.

Not looking for speed, but would (obviously) prefer one with a reasonable track record of non-pilfering.

Household goods/books, artwork, and a stoutly built heirloom wooden rocking chair.

50-70 lbs for the goods/books. 18"x18"x36"
50 lbs for the art. Bulky but lighter. 40"x40"x24"
Need to speak with shipper to determine if chair is worth dealing with. unknown weight/dims

Suggestions welcomed...