Bungholio, beach style.

I'll rephrase. Beach hut, mid-level comfy, (probably an island) to just chill. For a few months, anyway.

He's retirement age, intelligent, polite and friendly, well off financially, well-traveled, merkin, single and may or may not be tempted to dawdle in the local talent. (< I should just stick that on Thai tinder and be done with it!)

Is looking for a place to call his own (however humble) from January -> on. He can return home to his newly built place(s) in the U.S. whenever he feels like it.

My first idea is Ko Chang (cuz I love it) but I don't really know the best beach/islands to rent a long term hut on...for me - pretty much any would do. But I imagine a few posters have done it and/or have some inside skinny on some ideal spots.

I can (and will) research a bit and get his some options, but youse guys is the experts.