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    Quote Originally Posted by thaimeme
    Different world 30 + years ago versus today.
    Quote Originally Posted by crackerjack101
    I doubt that its that different. That was my point.
    The weapons are ore "efficient", the IEDs are commonplace, intelligence, food, water, arms, medical aid ...... all now supplied to the proxy armies.

    30 years ago it was a colony of some power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhOh
    30 years ago it was a colony of some power.
    It was a rabid collection of disparate power hungry crooks all striving for control leading up to the coup and a chaotic war between families, tribes and foreign powers afterwards. In Darfur it was much the same as it has been over the last 10 years. Millions died but nobody knew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thaimeme View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by crackerjack101 View Post
    I was based out of Khartoum in 84 - 85 but working in Darfur.
    Khartoum was a shit hole then and I doubt it's changed.
    We were caught up in the revolution with 3,000,000 on the streets screaming "down down USA" and I actually drove to watch the main prison being opened (don't ask why) and a general amnesty being called.
    Scary as fuck.
    We were all (NGOs and the international press) holed up in the Akropole Hotel until things calmed down and then managed to get on the first emergency BA flight back to London.

    The Akropole was blown to pieces a short while later I believe.

    Exciting times.

    All terribly interesting, yet has little to do with The Sudan today.

    Different world 30 + years ago versus today.
    CJj knows of what he speaks and in similar bananine republics with endemic disease squalor poverty and corruption I cannot imagine much change .

    Perhaps the Nobs have mobiles and peasants now sit in a village gawping at a cracked screen chewing qhat kava the National enquirer, there's parts of Ireland France and the Florida panhnadling, not the rich retired jews near the knobend Palm Beach but under the crackers of Alabama on the Suwanee River, Dixie County and Otter Creek where I used to canoethat are prob more ignoarant today than ever due to the 'benefits' of sat tv, farcebukkake and twatter.

    Some fine alligators there, I leant after swimming

    I recommend you get out and about
    I used to have a job at a calendar factory.
    I got the sack because
    I took a couple of days off.

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