Its funny in many regards. A few years back, well like 2009 or so, I was doing a lot of what he has Vlogs about. I was going to local drag strips and watching the crazy motorcycle races and diesel truck events. I would then hear about some high dollar street race out in some rice patty area and would have my van driver take me. As a former NHRA Div 7 racer and EFI programmer messing with timing/AF/Boost with controllers was always a blast. Later I saw the turbo long boats in BKK and was like HOLY SHIT...those guys are whack but I loved it. Then of course behind Future Park there was the cable wakeboard park and I took on a few ramps and jumps and had a blast.

The guy is OK. I get where he is coming from. He is finding a way making a living and is a total car/truck/performance guy so I enjoy some of his Vlogs. I used to send vid clips of my trips in and around BKK and other areas to my friends and never thought about making a Youtube channel but I have to admit I was working for a US Tech company and was living in BKK. In fact I still am and wouldn't change a thing but if that option doesn't exist then more power to him.

There are a few ways to make money in Thailand. there are loads of vids on it. Some can be quite lucrative.