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    The Soul of Molam The Ancient Roots of Molam: From Ritual to Entertainment

    Well done piece exploring the history of one of Isaan's treasured music forms - it's relation to art, literature, customs and the people of the region.

    By Panupong Thongsri -

    The Soul of Molam (13) – The ancient roots of molam: From ritual to entertainment - The Isaan Record

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    Excellent! The problem with mowlam is it takes next to no effort to market itself to that vast majority of humanity who are non-Isaan, non-Thai, and do not read, write or speak Isaan Lao or Thai. In other words, it is inaccessible to most of us- except maybe for the latest hits. What a shame, because I like the music.

    In particular, there was/is a singer called 'Lung Lor' I became quite interested in, and tried to research. Total bluddy dead end. No help from the Isaan folk either.

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