A little voodoo in Surat Thani

Mysterious items unearthed in Surat Thani home spark fears of malevolent intent
14 December 2023

A homeowner in Surat Thani province unearthed some mysterious items beneath the floor of her house, sparking concerns of malevolent intent. She shared her unsettling discovery on Facebook, stating her life had been plagued with misfortune since moving into the house.

She explained her parents built the house for her in 2021, laying the foundations and erecting the structure themselves without hiring professional builders. However, she started experiencing a series of unfortunate events shortly after moving in. Her mother fell ill and was bedridden for two months, followed by her father and brothers falling ill intermittently.

In late 2022, her twin sister began experiencing a severe stomach ache, which was not alleviated by medical treatment. It was only after spiritual intervention by a local guru that her sister’s pain subsided and her health improved. The guru suggested that there might be something ominous in her house, leading her to invite him to inspect her home, reported Sanook.

Upon inspection, the guru directed her father to dig a hole beneath a tree in her backyard, where they found a bottle containing hair and a yellow liquid. After this discovery, her family’s health considerably improved. However, her life continued to be plagued with misfortune, including a broken marriage and financial instability.

On December 9, she sought the guru’s help once again. He visited her house and, using a walking stick, detected an object beneath the floor of her house. The object was revealed to be a bag containing various items, including a kaffir lime, nails, ancient bee wax, an animal tooth, a piece of cloth soaked in yellow liquid, pieces from a cremation site, and fragments of a bowl. The bag also contained a message stating that the house would break in 2023, the mother bedridden in 2023, and a death in 2024.

The homeowner has now placed the unearthed items under a shrine in front of her house and pleads with the perpetrator to cease their actions.