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    Flights to Israel Return to Bangkok Amid Airspace Closure

    Immigration authorities at Suvarnabhumi Airport responded to an unexpected turn of events when two Israel-bound flights were forced to return to Thailand early Sunday morning (Apr 14). The closures of airspace over Iraq, Israel, and Jordan, triggered by escalating military actions in the region, led to the diversion of the flights.

    El Al Israel Airlines flight LY82 from Suvarnabhumi to Tel Aviv and flight LY88 from Phuket to Tel Aviv, carrying 275 and 290 passengers, landed back in Bangkok at 5.20 a.m. and 5.50 a.m., respectively.

    Pol Maj Gen Choengron Rimpadee, the airport's immigration police commander, said under normal circumstances, passengers would be required to remain within the airport premises due to their passports already being stamped for departure. However, in light of the circumstances and considering the needs of the elderly and small children, the Immigration Bureau has decided to allow these individuals to stay at nearby accommodations arranged and supervised by the airlines.

    Passengers have also been given the option to remain at the airport if they prefer to keep their passports and avoid the hassle of undergoing the immigration process again once new flights are scheduled.

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    Good response,care for the tired and no doubt worried travellers.

    I have seldom had issues withe people at immigration.

    These days annual 30-40m renewal my 5 baht a day 1900 a year and 3x 90 day reports by phone, they too must find the regs ridiculous, but in return they wear a crisp stiff uniform in clean new air con office , ours has upgraded to the comfy chairs free drinks and wifi, very different to the hot sticky halls of yore,

    Their job ensures they can get credit for a car loan, a gov pension and chance to regale the odd lippy guest in the best John Cleese tradition.I feel as the encounter more and more t shirt clad Asians hereabouts they''ll enjoy their annual meet with a well groomed 'retired hansum-person' as brothel if frosh heir, as those who have met me know I ressemble the composer Mozart, not at his peak more as he'd be disinterred today as a decomposer.
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