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    Intoxicated Foreigner Stopped by Karon Police Using Taser – Video

    Karon, Thailand- An intoxicated Russian man drew the attention of the Karon Police due to his disruptive behavior in front of a hotel. The police arrived at the scene after receiving a notification on Tuesday, March 26th, just before midnight.

    The man, identified as Mr. Aleksandr Tolstov, was unable to communicate effectively due to language barriers and intoxication. Despite attempts to calm him down, the situation escalated, leading the police to use a taser to subdue him. During the struggle, two officers sustained minor injuries. The Russian man was subsequently taken to a hospital for further evaluation.

    This came after Mr. Aleksandr had allegedly caused a major disturbance at a nearby hotel, fighting other tourists and causing property damage. Video footage appears to show him fighting other Russian tourists, although the reason for the altercation is still unknown.

    Meanwhile, in Phuket. Story in comments. | By The Phuket ExpressFacebook

    Intoxicated Foreigner Stopped by Karon Police Using Taser - Video - The Phuket Express

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskit View Post
    An intoxicated Russian man
    I always thought that was understood.

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    Clearly, these idiot Thai have never witnessed British dross in Magaluf, Ayia Napa, Cavos or Malia.

    Those Thai police looked untrained and quite incapable. I suppose intimidating Thai youths and the merely stupid is not much experience when dealing with a belligerent, fit and healthy mature Russian.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seekingasylum View Post
    Magaluf, Ayia Napa, Cavos or Malia.
    ta added to must avoid list.

    It seems almost always young males, trying to impress mates, girls unrestrained by name and shame in their slum origins. Years ago national service, transportation or war culled the lumpe, Pattaya their last resort.

    Seldom japanese or irish, american or swiss grans

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    your brain is as empty as a eunuchs underpants.
    from brief encounters unexpurgated version

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