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    Pattaya Police Crack Down on Love Hotels to Deter Teenage Sex

    Pattaya police intensified checks on short-stay hotels on Loy Krathong night to prevent teenagers from engaging in sexual activities. The operation is a common practice during the Loy Krathong festival, where teens usually hang out after the event and are prone to inappropriate sexual behavior, said Pattaya police.

    The operation, ordered by Banglamung district chief Mr. Pisit Sawasdinukul and Pattaya police chief Pol. Col. Thanapong Pothitthi, took place at 10:00 PM on November 27th, with an aim to specifically inspect “love hotels” in Pattaya to warn hotel operators of allowing minors to use their venues to engage in sexual activities.

    The initiative’s primary objective is to shield individuals under the age of 20 from the perils of unsafe sex, sexual assault, and premature sexual activity said Pattaya police.

    According to Pol. Col. Thanapong, the Pattaya police recognized the increased likelihood of teenagers engaging in inappropriate behavior during the Loy Krathong event. He stated that some teens may opt to hang out after releasing their flowery floats or participating in alcohol-drinking gatherings. Consequently, this behavior could impair their judgment and self-control and pose a risk of unprotected sex that leads to unwanted pregnancies.

    Pol. Col. Thanapong went on to say that short-stay hotels are considered high-risk locations, as they often operate with minimal oversight and can provide a breeding ground for illicit activities.

    In response to these concerns, Pattaya law enforcement officials are working closely with hotel operators to verify the identification of individuals entering their establishments. Visitors must be at least 20 years old, and if minors or suspicious behavior are detected, hotel staff are instructed to report immediately to law enforcement.

    There were no specific reports of illegal activity found, notes The Pattaya News team.

    Pattaya Police Crack Down on Love Hotels to Deter Teenage Sex - The Pattaya News

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskit View Post
    Visitors must be at least 20 years old
    Age of consent is 15 so reckon sex on the beach for horny teens like we did in the US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskit View Post
    can provide a breeding ground
    Well, yes.

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    So, teenagers only try to have sex on certain days of the year?

    Their ineptitude is only exceeded by their stupidity.

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