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    Chonburi Embarks on Ambitious Smart City Transformation Project

    The Eastern Economic Corridor Office of Thailand (EECO) has unveiled an ambitious plan to transform parts of Chonburi into a global ‘Smart City’ by 2037 through its “Smart City and Commercial/Residential Hub” project.

    The initiative will emphasize investments in medical innovation, workforce development, digital industries, aviation, logistics, food processing, high-income group tourism, and health tourism on the EEC’s new industry zone spanning 927.2 hectares, located near the U-Tapao airport.

    The goal is to establish Chonburi as one of the world’s top 10 smart cities, with a projected investment of 535 billion baht over the next five years.

    Public-private partnerships are set to contribute 9.7% of the total investment, or around 51.98 billion baht. Meanwhile, the private sector is anticipated to invest 87.5% of the total, totaling 468.07 billion baht.

    It is hopeful that the smart city will generate 50,000 jobs, support 150-300 start-ups, and house 100,000 residents, without disrupting other Thai cities.

    The 10-year plan includes three phases:

    2023: Detailed design and planning
    2024: Land adjustment, road construction, and public utility system development
    2025 onwards: Opening land leasing to private entities for development

    Chonburi Embarks on Ambitious Smart City Transformation Project - The Pattaya News

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    In the meantime there are no pavements to speak of throughout the Naklua/Pattaya/Jomtien conurbation, the drainage system stinks and overflows through bad design and no maintenance, pedestrian crossing of thoroughfares is medieval, there is no zoning of development, there is no public consultation in commercial development, there is no municipal public omnibus transportation system whatsoever, and public sanitation everywhere is distinguished by mounds of flyblown litter, plastic bottles containing rancid piss from motorsai riders, discarded cigarette butts and mangy soi dogs. In fact, to a considerable degree this is urban Thailand everywhere.

    What a shithole this stupid country truly is.

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