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    Pattaya Beach Vendors Ask City to Allow Parking on Beach Road Again

    Today, June 6th, 2023, Pattaya Beach vendors came together to petition the city to cancel an order from early March to ban parking on the beach side of Pattaya Beach.

    According to the vendors, led by Mr. Wirawit Charoenrit Taweechok, the order was badly affecting their business.

    The group spoke with Pattaya Deputy Mayor Manoch Nongyai, and brought up several issues they had with the order.

    According to Wirawit, promises to find alternative parking and provide parking garages and shuttles to the beach had never taken place. As a result the city had basically simply banned parking entirely without reasonable alternatives.

    Additionally, projects to expand the beach road and provide parking areas like Jomtien Beach were progressing slowly and would not be completed for quite some time, Wirawit added.

    Deputy Mayor Nongyai said that he would bring the concerns to Pattaya Mayor Poramese Ngampiches and relevant officials to discuss possible solutions, admitting that the plan to ban parking had not been a perfect solution and that the vendors had valid points.

    Pattaya Beach Vendors Ask City to Allow Parking on Beach Road Again - The Pattaya News

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    Yeah, that’ll do it, allow parking the length of Beach Road and reduce the carriageway to a single lane, the main arterial route in Pattaya’s one way system. Yet another vivid illustration of Thai stupidity born out of self interest and greed. Beach vendors have to be the dumbest folk on the planet and are most likely a subset of humanity.
    A fine metaphor for the idiocy of this silly country.

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    Ridiculous! so many other places to park

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