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    One Person Dead After Container Truck Overturns on Sedan in Chonburi

    One person has been pronounced dead at the scene after a container truck overturned on a sedan in Mueang Chonburi.

    Emergency responders were notified of the accident at 5:35 A.M. on Saturday (May 27th) on the Motorway in Nong Ree.

    They and the Pattaya News team arrived at the scene to find the overturned container truck lying on top on the wrecked sedan on the road. Inside the sedan they found the body of the driver identified only as Ms. Santhiya, 34, from Sisaket.

    Nearby, rescue workers found another slightly damaged sedan. The driver, identified only as Ms. Thitima, 29, who had sustained minor injuries, told the Pattaya News I have no idea how the accident happened. I only realized it took place when I was hit as well.

    The container driver, identified only as Mr. Sonthaya, 30, who had sustained multiple injuries, told the Pattaya News I was driving in the left lane and the sedan was in the right lane. The sedan driver immediately cut in front of my truck. It was raining and I was unable to brake before losing control of my vehicle. My truck then overturned on top of the sedan.

    Police are checking CCTV footage nearby to find the exact cause of the accident for possible legal action.

    One Person Dead After Container Truck Overturns on Sedan in Chonburi - The Pattaya News

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    One of the first things pointed out to me by my Thai mate when I first started driving here. Look at every container, they are never secured because if the truck flips as well, that will be more expensive to fix. Welcome to LOS, besides you could get lucky and it might be 'just' a poor esarner you kill.
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    One Person Dead After Container Truck Overturns on Sedan in Chonburi-350115892_157056113866616_2269672120657466325_n-1-1024x630-jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonecollector View Post
    Look at every container, they are never secured
    In general none are. They all sit on what are called "pins" so they align to the trailer and make easy on and off removal. This is why when one turns over usually the container separates from the trailer. Pretty common practice anywhere.

    Looks like an unfortunate accident with all the elements in play, rain and night time etc.

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