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    100 Monkeys Sterilized and Released Back to Phuket Forest

    A first group of about 100 sterilized monkeys in Phuket have been released back to a forest.

    Mr. Pongchart Chueahom, the head of the Khao Phra Taeo Natural and Wildlife Center in Thalang, told the Phuket Express that on Monday (May 8th) about 100 monkeys that have already been sterilized were released back to their home at the Toh Sae Hill in Rassada.

    The monkey sterilisation project is aimed to decrease the birth rate of monkeys in Phuket. This project is also targeted to solve problems between monkeys with locals and tourists as well as prevent diseases from monkeys which can be infective to humans. These are urgent problems which have to be quickly solved, said Pongchart.

    Thai media has previously reported that many foreign tourists have been injured by monkeys attacking them at famous tourist places which have many monkeys such as the Toh Sae Hill in Rassada and the Rang Hill in Phuket Town.

    UPDATE: 100 Monkeys Sterilized and Released Back to Phuket Forest - The Phuket Express

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    Their shadow spokeswilly agreed to post provided his scar was concealed and refused to pose for chimpchange

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    This is likely to result in a number of unintended consequences that immediately can not be forseen.

    I see changes within these monkeys tribal social structure. Word will soon get around that monkey Sam only shoots blanks. The self esteem of these monkeys is likely to diminish considerably.

    The blind leading the blind. Tampering with things we know nothing about. Fools rush in......
    A true diplomat is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a manner that you will be asking for directions.

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