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    Two transgender suspects arrested on Pattaya Beach after allegedly trying to steal

    Pattaya tourist police ambushed two alleged gold necklace thieves and arrested them while they allegedly tried to steal from a Russian tourist early this morning, December 2nd.

    The Police Chief of the Pattaya tourist police Pol. Lt. Col. Pichaya Kheawpluang ordered his subordinates to surveil transgender individuals lingering around Pattaya Beach Road following reports of multiple pickpocketing crimes reportedly committed by transgender suspects.

    Around 3 AM, the officers spotted two transgender suspects approaching a foreign tourist. The suspects sexually harassed the tourist by hugging him and distracting him while one secretly unclasped his gold necklace before walking off, the officers said.

    The tourist was identified as Mr. Artem Kurisev, a 24-year-old Russian national. Tourist police followed the two suspects identified later as Mr. Kittiphan Bamrachkhen, 38, and Mr. Aniwat Sathornrat, 29, and arrested them. Police said that they caught the suspects while they were still holding Kurisevís gold necklace in their hand.

    Kittiphan and Aniwat were detained at the Pattaya police station on suspicion of theft. The touristís necklace was given back to him by the tourist police, who also cautioned him against donning flashy jewelry while on a late-night stroll.

    On November 20th, an Indian touristís gold necklace was also stolen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskit View Post
    Around 3 AM
    No doubt wandering around drunk in the middle of the night wearing a fine looking gold necklace. As mom said, stupid is as stupid does.

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    Well that "crackdown" worked then.

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