A 20-year-old sea turtle was found dead with parts of a Krathong, being banana leaves and pins, inside her stomach at a beach in Sattahip.

The Sea Turtle Conservation Center was notified of a large sea turtle which was found dead at the Gin Naree Beach (Khlod Beach). The turtle was taken back to the center.

Veterinarian Girin Sorapipatjaroen told the Pattaya News that the turtle was a female green turtle aged around 20-years-old with a registered microchip. She is 90 centimeters wide and 96.5 centimeters long.

No wounds were found outside the turtle. Parts of banana leaves and pins used to piece together some Krathongs had clogged inside its intestine. Thailand recently celebrated Loy Krathong in which the banana “boats” were set across waterways and oceans across the Kingdom in cultural rituals that are meant to wash away sins and wish luck for the next year.

Although there have been increasing focus in recent years on using all natural, environmental friendly materials and not utilizing pins, that is not entirely the case as seen in this tragic situation. Many Krathongs are now made to be entirely safe for fish and sea animals and conservationists continue to warn people not to use harmful pins or stryofoam for Krathongs.

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