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    Village chief in Banglamung begs police to catch alleged drunk, reckless shooter

    A 34-year-old village chief in Banglamung called for police to take action against an alleged drunk, reckless shooter in the area.

    The Pattaya News reporters on Wednesday, September 14th, interviewed Mr. Chakkrit Saisamorn, a 34-year-old village chief living in Moo 1 in the Khao Mai Kaew subdistrict of Banglamung, who said that an unidentified suspect shot a gun in front of his house with his sleeping kid inside and fled.

    The terrifying incident unfolded around midnight on September 13th. The suspect, according to Chakkritís CCTV footage, was driving a sedan towards Highway 331 and briefly stopped in front of his house before pulling out a gun and firing one round at the sky, waking his little child up from his sleep.

    The village chief carried on that the suspect immediately fled from the scene. His security camera could neither capture the suspectís appearance nor the license plate. He told The Pattaya News that he was confident the suspect must be a reckless intoxicated person who shot a gun for fun, as he had no adversaries.

    However, the victim filed a report at the Huai Yai police station, asking the police to take serious measures because the suspectís reckless act could have harmed his child.

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    I know in the Philippines, the village chief would be the police, or at least have police like authority.

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