(CTN News) – A week from tomorrow, the government will begin introducing electric buses in Bangkok, which is great news for commuters.

Minister of Transport Saksayam Chidchob announced yesterday that the department plans to introduce 20 electric buses for Line 2-38, formerly known as Route No. 8 from Memorial Bridge to Happy Land.

The buses will begin operating on Saturday, August 20.

The Land Transport Department (DLT) revived the No 8 service as part of an electrified restructuring. Phase 1 of the project will see 150 new buses deployed across the capital.

Electric vehicles (EVs) will replace diesel buses on routes operated by the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA), public-private operators, and Transport Co Ltd.

Before the end of the year, Bangkok’s DLT plans to replace old buses with 1,000 EVs and eventually electrify all 3,200 buses.

Jirut Wisanjit, DLT director-general, said the department was working with the public to clarify confusion about the change of bus numbers.

Buses and websites will display the new numbers. No. 8 operators failed to meet new BMTA safety and service standards and were denied an extension of their concession.

Thai Smile Bus Co Ltd won the concession to operate the new line 2-38, which will use electric buses and artificial intelligence to make life easier for passengers.”

Bangkok Gets 20 New Electric Buses Next Week