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    Police Officer Shoot Wife 3 Times then Kills Himself

    Police in northern Thailand have suspected depression led to a police officer killing his wife and then killing himself in Phitsanulok on Monday night.

    A duty officer from the Phitsanulok police department said their bodies were discovered about 9 pm.

    Pol Lt Somsak Taklom, 57, and his wife Nongluck, 49, were found dead in his house.

    According to forensic offciers and a doctor from the government hospital, the woman had been shot in the head, chest, and arm. There was a gunshot wound to the right temple of Pol Lt Somsak.

    A pistol belonging to Pol Lt Somsak was found near the bodies.

    Friends and fellow officers at the station said Pol Lt Somsak lived alone in their house most of the time. His wife lived with her sister in the city, where she was a vendor.

    Neighbours said his wife returned to their house on Monday night but did not know whether the couple had any problems.

    According to relatives of his wife, Pol Lt Somsak suffered fits of depression and repeatedly considered taking his own life, but she always calmed him down.

    A pistol found at the scene was believed to have been used by Pol Lt Somsak to kill his wife before taking his own life.
    Currently, the investigation is ongoing.

    Police Officer Shoot Wife 3 Times Then Kills Himself

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    'If I can't have her after I kill myself, then no one can have her'

    Very sad. RIP Nongluck

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    According to relatives of his wife, Pol Lt Somsak suffered fits of depression and repeatedly considered taking his own life
    And received absolutely no mental health support whatsoever.

    A glaring hole in Thailand's health care system, sadly.

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    To be fair, I can understand why any member of the RTP that isn't a psychopath could be depressed working in such an institution.

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    If only these people would shoot themselves first, and then the others, it would make life so much simpler...

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