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    Unverified claim suggests ‘Boss’ hiding in Austria

    BANGKOK: Red Bull scion Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya, wanted for an infamous hit-and-run case from 2012, is believed to be in Austria, though the Royal Thai Police (RTP) have no evidence of his residency there.

    The claim was made by vice chairman of the House committee on police affairs, Sanya Nilsupan, after a meeting with the RTP that concentrated on Mr Vorayuth’s whereabouts, reports the Bangkok Post.

    Mr Sanya said the search for Vorayuth is still on, and that the police believe the fugitive is living in Austria.

    As Interpol has issued a red notice for his arrest, the RTP’s foreign affairs division has sent a letter to its Austrian counterpart to verify if he is living there and track him down.

    The committee, however, is not planning on questioning other members of the Yoovidhya family, Mr Sanya said, adding they were not involved in the hit-and-run and as such, aren’t expected to cooperate.

    Instead, the Palang Pracharath Party MP said the panel will focus on officials who can track down Vorayuth and bring him home to face justice.

    He added the investigation into 18 officials who were accused of helping Vorayuth get off the hook would wrap up next month.

    Vorayuth postponed his court appearances more than five times before fleeing abroad.

    While he was overseas, a speeding charge against him was dropped after its one-year statute of limitations expired. A second charge - failing to stop to help a crash victim - expired on Sept 3, 2017.

    Two charges remain active - the first was for narcotics use after cocaine was found in his system following a drug test. That charge will expire on Sept 3 next year.

    The second charge - reckless driving causing death - will expire in 2027.

    The Office of the Attorney-General initially planned to drop the charge, but later decided to pursue it after a public uproar.

    Unverified claim suggests ‘Boss’ hiding in Austria

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    No chit Sheer Luck Fecks all and see where his tye of Hideaway mght be

    f I had any confidence Thailand would actaully pay a finder's fee for us I'd get one of Logan Clark's Swiss hounds would start at the Kempinski chauffeurs lounge, they know all the other limo guys many Maygars Englsih speaking Czechs, Poles , Slow Vaxs, bent Raiffesenkasse staff however rich the staff need money transfers oh and guess where Dr Watson,

    A chewed issued bung of a few brick 1ok Euro here and there shouldn't take more than 24 hours if the "bonus " finder fee real for this murderous playboy on the run. The Kosovans probably prefer dead than alive f paid up front

    Plan B
    Dunna waste time lurkng down te redbs factory amongst the poor Romanians, Turks and Bugars and Ukranians schlepping down the cannery row but Fuchsall am See
    Wer pist Willy? , Wo bist ich , Was schall es bedeutet das ich so schelmisch sei?

    I myself prefer nearby friends in Sankt Gilgen but the Halstattersee is one of the most iconc Salzkammergut scenes just a tad east of Hitler's old Chalet, an easy drive/rail to escape to Lecher Stein, Slow Wakier Hunagry Crow Asia or the big knob with the hareem in teh Blau Diaman Suite a couple of hours away in a Maytag. The hills are alive with rich khvntz ever since they found milking tourists easier than cows.

    While all comers from Turks to Iranian Bosniaks widely Aryan types are everywhere in amongst the older extremely racist Austrians, the yoof are ok .( having been married into the Eichmann family near Linz can assure I know of what I speak) . A few Thai trophy wives are slapping somtam in slop houses or lining mattresses in flop houses in Wien a wealthy young Male Thai prob with bodygaurds and chauffeur will stick out like a Pork Salami at a Barmitzvah.I wouldna be surprised if he also slipes teh Wiener into teh endless blonder Russki/Ukranian slappas that infest central Europe like Ocado for STDS

    My old mates in The Bayerische GrenzePolizei would locate him inside Germany, being racist is about all they have to do on Ruhetage in deeply conservative Alpine villages. pretty easily too.
    Problem anyone here from MFA to timid media or cops doxxing him its a sure bullet and ends teh endless envelopes that will surely flow until all charges beyond their arrest by date when like teh Ozzie drug dealer he may return as a scion of society, minister , PM there's no limit for teh shameless

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    15,831 need for the felonious weasel to hide: no one's looking for him...

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    according to my search on interpol

    Total number of public Red Notices in circulation: 7547

    There are no results for your search. Please select different criteria.
    This site displays up to 160 notices per search result. Please refine your search criteria to find the notice you are looking for.

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