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    Cab drivers can get free cabin partition installed throughout October

    BANGKOK (NNT) - The Department of Land Transport continues to provide free installation of cabin partitions for taxis, to protect drivers and passengers from airborne pathogens. Taxi drivers can make installation appointments in Bangkok throughout October at no cost.

    The Department of Land Transport (DLT) said it would continue providing free installation of cabin partitions for taxis throughout October, or until the current supply runs out.

    This campaign was launched to promote the safety of passengers amidst the pandemic, with the partition separating the driver and passengers which in turn helps to prevent transmission of COVID-19 and other pathogens traveling through the air or droplets.

    DLT Director-General Chirute Visalachitra said the department aims to install these partitions in 3,000 cabs, with 2,192 vehicles now having completed the installation.

    The department has also conducted a satisfaction survey using a QR code attached to the partition. Up to 86.81% of passengers said they were highly satisfied, and 87.88% said they felt safer with the partition inside the vehicle.

    90.2% of the passengers surveyed said all taxis should be equipped with this kind of partition, while 83.76% of the drivers say they were confident the partition would help protect them from droplets and airborne pathogens.

    Interested taxi drivers can drop in at the DLTís office in Bangkok for partition installation free of charge and without an appointment needed until the end of October. They will need to present their national ID card, public driverís license, and a copy of the driverís handbook.

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    Bit late, should have been organised over a year ago at 100%.
    Oh well TIT.

    Let the herd immunity continue..

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    What about the Tuk Tuks ? Cabs are too expensive for me.

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