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    Sixth suspected insurgent killed in Narathiwat peat swamp

    Thai security forces shot and killed a suspected insurgent in a peat swamp in Bareh Tai sub-district of Bacho district in Thailandís southern border province of Narathiwat today.

    Using a backhoe to plough the thick undergrowth, a combined force of troops and paramilitary rangers advanced deeper into the peat swamp to search for remaining insurgents believed to be hiding there.

    The suspected insurgents opened fire on the advancing forces, triggering a gun battle that lasted about ten minutes. Then the backhoe continued to advance for several hours, until they found the body of a suspected insurgent lying next to an HK33 assault rifle and ammunition.

    Forensic officials were sent from Yala province to examine the body, identified later as Sufian Yusoh, who is suspected to have been involved in several shooting and bombing incidents in Narathiwat province.

    Last week, security forces killed five suspected insurgents in the same peat swamp. Two officers were also killed.

    Informed security sources said that the siege of the peat swamp, which began on September 28th, will continue until the last insurgents are flushed out or killed, if they refuse to surrender.

    Sixth suspected insurgent killed in Narathiwat peat swamp | Thai PBS World : The latest Thai news in English, News Headlines, World News and News Broadcasts in both Thai and English. We bring Thailand to the world

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    Total ineptitude, fake detectors , abise of civilian, privare scalpers bounty on Wahabis problem solved, next , sonst noch no fear of press judges or democratic scrutiny.

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