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    Elephant finds man missing for 16 day in forest

    An elephant helped find a 58 year old man that went missing for 16 days in the forest. It is a miracle that the man is still alive and has now been rescued. Search teams went looking for the man for over a week but he was never found. Sanook News Team reported on 28 July 2021 at 11 am. Mahouts from the Thai Elephant Alliance Association, police from the Hang Dong Police Station, and related officials rescued Amorn 58 year old. Amorn was found in a bamboo grove located inside the Ban Mae Kanin Forest, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Province. The man has been missing since 12 July 2021.

    Amorn was found laying in the forest and could not walk on his own. Officials gave the man some water and food before delivering the man to Hang Dong Hospital. Hang Dong Police stated the village chief in Moo 6 Ban Mae Kanin received notification on the 13th from villagers about an abandoned motorbikes parked by the forest. At first locals believed it belonged to someone who went looking for food in the forest. But then on the 16th the motorbike still remained in the same location and had flipped over. The Hang Dong Police were notified and officers were sent to inspect the vehicle.

    The motorbike belonged to a woman named Pattama. She was notified of the motorbike and picked it up on the evening of the same day. Pattama didnít mention any details while picking her vehicle up. Then on the 24th Amornís relatives went to file a report at the police station stating he drove a motorbike out of San Sai District on the 12th and has been gone since. Relatives believed he was lost in a forest as he is very forgetful. The local rescue team and villagers started searching for the man but no signs were found.

    Then on the 27th a blue shirt was found on a tree branch. The Patara Elephant Farm nearby sent mahouts and their elephants to help search for the man. Theerappat Trangprakarn the owner of the elephant farm stated that an elephant named Bun Pak pointed out where the man was at. Amorn had not eaten any food for 16 days and has survived on water trapped in different parts of the forest.

    Elephant finds man missing for 16 day in forest.

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    Well done Sombat Grylls.

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    So they searched for the man, riding elephants as transportation.


    an elephant named Bun Pak pointed out where the man was at.
    Using its trunk, presumably.

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