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    Intoxicated construction contractor surrenders to police after opening fire

    A construction contractor surrendered yesterday (July 1st) to police after opening fire with what was described as a prop gun while driving on Jomtien Beach last week.

    An unidentified man reportedly opened fire from his vehicle in public next to Jomtien Beach in the early morning on June 26th.

    Yesterday (June 1st) Mr. Chatchai Leelaiset , 33, a construction contractor, surrendered himself to the Pattaya City Police with the weapon in question.

    The surrender came after police had conducted an investigation with the help of CCTV in which they finally identified the suspect and contacted him, asking him to come in before they were forced to track him down.

    Chatchai reportedly admitted to police, “This weapon only fires blanks and does not have real bullets. It is used usually for movies and shows.”

    “On that day I was very drunk after we had finished our construction work as we had some drinks at the building site. I didn’t mean to seriously threaten anyone with the gun, it was just for fun and laughs. I am very sorry.” Chatchai stated.

    Pattaya police, however, did not find the incident a laughing matter as it scared several people and took place only a few hundred meters from the police station.

    Police conducted a re-enactment of the crime yesterday. Chatchai is facing charges of opening fire in public with a firearm without reason.

    UPDATE: Intoxicated construction contractor surrenders to police after opening fire with a gun on Jomtien Beach while driving - The Pattaya News

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    Nothing to see here. A typical Thai male, recently swung out of the jungle, drinks deep from the well of western indulgence and acts in accordance with his position on the evolutionary ladder somewhere between a Bonobo ape and a Downs syndrome spastic.

    Truly, these creatures are the only species that doesn't mature beyond puberty.

    Dumbest in the region.

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