BANGKOK (NNT) - The Ministry of Finance has announced that those already registered for the co-pay scheme will not have to sign up again for the third phase and that transfers under the Rao Chana and Article 33 programs should take place within the month of May.

Director of the Fiscal Policy Office Kulaya Tantitemit, as spokesperson of the Ministry of Finance, explained that two transfers of 1,000 baht making a total of 2,000 baht will be issued to members of the Rao Chana government aid program pending a presentation by the ministry to the Cabinet next week. If approved at the meeting, the transfers should take place on May 20 and 27 without requiring participants re-register.
Similar transfers in the Article 33 program are set to take place on May 24 and 31. The total 2,000 baht will be available for use by participants in the social security program until the end of June, 2021.

For the July to December period, welfare card holders will receive an extra 200 baht for six months, totaling 1,200 baht to spur spending. Others in need can also apply for assistance, which will be provided in the form of a similar 200 baht transfer each month for six months.

The third phase of the co-pay scheme will encompass 31 million citizens, 15 million of whom were registered during its first and second phase. Those already taking part in Rao Chana or Article 33 will be able to register for co-pay privileges during this forthcoming phase.

The government’s newest program is the “Spend More Get More” program, which will see E-vouchers provided to eligible individuals for spending via the Pao Tang application. Up to 4 million people are expected to benefit from the measure, which is targeted at those who already have high spending power but have been reluctant to consume. Overall, the four programs will provide aid to more than 51 million people and should stimulate 473 billion baht in financial turnover.

National News Bureau Of Thailand