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    Homeless man allegedly violently attacked by group of teenagers in Pattaya

    A homeless man has sustained serious injuries after allegedly being violently attacked by what he described as a group of teenagers in Pattaya looking to cause trouble.

    Ms. Samai Chimmachui, 38, told The Pattaya News, I helped the homeless man Mr. Komsan Pinket, 54, who had sustained facial injuries, bruising, black eyes, and other damages. I found him sleeping near the Tree Town here and appeared to be heavily injured. He was later taken to a local hospital and we helped pay for his treatment.

    Mr. Komsan told The Pattaya News, I used to work at a company in Laem Chabang but now I was unemployed as they let most staff go following a downturn in business due to Covid-19. Its difficult to find a job in the area currently due to the pandemic and I ran out of money, lost my room, and became homeless, living in the area of Soi Buakhao and Tree Town and depending on charity and local temples to survive.

    At about 10:00 P.M to 11:00 PM on Thursday (May 6th) a group of about six teenagers on motorbikes stopped me while I was out walking looking for food. Komsan continued.

    The group made fun of me for being homeless, insulted me, pulled me to a corner near a 7-Eleven in South Pattaya, and then proceeded to beat and kick me for no reason at all, despite me pleading I didnt want a problem. I did nothing at all to provoke them, I think they were looking for someone to fight for fun. Komsan stated.

    The group fled after leaving me on the ground, bleeding and hurt, fleeing before any police or law enforcement could arrive, Komsan concluded.

    Ms. Samai told The Pattaya News, I usually give him food and see him often around the Tree Town area in Pattaya. He helps me wash dishes and clean my restaurants sometimes for a small amount of financial assistance,

    Pattaya Police told The Pattaya News they are aware of the incident and believe the story given by Mr. Komsan is accurate. They are currently hunting for the suspects who allegedly attacked the homeless man, inspecting CCTV in the Central and South Pattaya area.

    Homeless man allegedly violently attacked by group of teenagers in Pattaya for no reason - The Pattaya News

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    Just hope they catch the mongrels. Pattaya actually takes good care of it's destitute, orphaned, down on their luck & homeless.

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