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    Pattaya to hold Kite on the Beach 2021 festival during Songkran

    Pattaya is all set to hold the first ever ‘Kite on the Beach 2021’ festival from April 9th to April 19th.

    A planning meeting was held today at the Pattaya City Hall and was led by the Pattaya City Deputy Mayor Ronnakit Eakkasing and the president of the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association.

    The event will be held from April 9th to April 19th at the beach in front of Central Festival Pattaya Beach.

    Mr. Ronnakit told The Pattaya News, “The festival is aimed to attract more domestic tourists to Pattaya and to stimulate the economy for Pattaya and Chonburi.”

    “The biggest kite will be the ‘Bowl Kite’ a huge female whale previously involved with ‘Guinness World Records’ coming in at a massive 35 meters long and will be present at the festival.”

    Pattaya to hold ‘Kite on the Beach 2021’ festival during Songkran period to boost domestic tourism - The Pattaya News

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    Pattaya is the greatest

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    I don't think It is the "first ever". There used to be a huge Kite festival in the late 80's if I am not mistaken. I leant the difference between masturbation and kite flying at that time ........

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