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    Trapped in an old mans body
    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealKW View Post
    It's clearly not otiose if a few more of the aging expats on TD read the criticism and realize that they shouldn't take young kids on a motorcycle.
    at what age is that breakpoint between can and shouldn't?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPPR2 View Post
    Speaking of incompetence, Have you figured out how to get your ducks lined up to get out of here yet?
    Lining up ducks are like herding cats.... takes time!

    Or, and I am just going out on a limb here, perhaps the old fool was trying to sound a little bit grandiose instead of his usual self-importance, because moving merely takes the wherewithal to sell a property or give notice on a lease, pick a country and just fucking move...

    Unless one is too fucking skint, and bring your own raw sausages to Gulliver's does scream cheapskate, to afford to do so!

    And then one can just pretend they are lining up ducks, and contacting consulates, and having M arrange meetings with various governments to arrange new passports and identities and whatnot and so on and so forth...

    I just cannot decide which it is...

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    KY, is your incoherence and general inanity a congenital thing that is coming to the fore or is it some untoward event affecting your brain?

    I just can't decide which it might be. ( inane shrug motif )

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrybarracuda View Post
    I had the misfortune to pull up at some lights in Phuket Town behind a lorry, door open, engine running, that had just flattened to Thai schoolgirls on a motorbike.

    They weren't wearing helmets.
    Wouldn't have made a difference if they were wearing them anyway.

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