BANGKOK (NNT) - Eradication of violence against children is one of the issues that the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS) is placing importance on. The MSDHS has, therefore, organized training for child care workers, on how to properly care for children in both public and private nurseries

Mrs Nichaphat Phetchaphan, Director of the Child, Youth and Family Development and Welfare Promotion Division, emphasized today that participants who have been properly trained must pass on their knowledge to private nursery operators. The move is expected to reduce verbal, physical and emotional violence against children. The MSDHS has collaborated with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Interior to follow up on, evaluate and organize child care courses for workers at nurseries so that children can be correctly taken care of in every situation and in accordance with the Child Protection Act.

There are currently 1,394 private nurseries nationwide with about 4.8 million children including newborn babies and children who have not yet attended a primary school. These children need learning opportunities and development in terms of intelligence, personality and emotional intelligence.