A motorbike driver was chased after by wild elephants before escaping into a local house in Nongyai. Residents including a pregnant woman have escaped injury last night (October 28).

District officers were notified of the incident at 10:00 PM at a house in the Nongyai district. About ten officers arrived at the house.

They found three wild elephants around the house. They managed to push the elephants back into the forest nearby.

Ms. Nittaya Korbngern, 27, who is eight months pregnant, lives in the house with two other adults and a child.

Ms. Nittaya told the Thai press that she heard a dog barking. A local resident who was driving a motorbike asked to hide in her house as three elephants had chased after them. The three elephants caused damage to the front of the house.

Ms Nittaya grabbed her mobile phone to go on Facebook LIVE stream when elephants surrounded her house.

I'am Niddeaw Nana was live. - I'am Niddeaw Nana

Local residents have called for authorities to help them with these elephants and move them to less populated areas.

Last month several residents also escaped after an elephant visited their home in Nongyai.

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Elephants chase after motorbike before driver hides in local house in Chonburi – VIDEO - The Pattaya News