Electricity authorities are calling on people to not launch floating lanterns near high-voltage power lines and substations during Loy Krathong, which will be marked nationwide on Saturday.

Rerngchai Khongthong, deputy governor of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, said all agencies are seeking cooperation on this matter.

“Launching floating lanterns near power lines and substations can be dangerous as they can get entangled with wires and result in serious malfunction or blackouts in vast areas, possibly affecting businesses and other public infrastructure,” he said. “The fire could also cause sparks and explosion, putting the safety of nearby people at risk.”

Last year, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) banned the use of floating lanterns during Loy Krathong, and announced that vendors selling them in areas with tall buildings would face up to three months in jail and/or Bt6,000 in fine.

BMA has yet to announce regulations for Loy Krathong this year.

Floating lanterns can cause blackouts, explosions, warn electricity agencies