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    Dutch mans body found floating near Pattaya Beach

    An elderly Dutch manís body has been found floating near a Pattaya beach in South Pattaya after telling his wife he was going to go swimming. The 74 year old manís wife Ms. Sukjai Bungutum, a 41 year old Thai woman, was found by rescue workers crying near his body.
    ďMy husband told me he was going to go swimming. He had not returned after many hours. I was worried as he had personal health issues after a recent accident. I called Pattaya police for help until I was informed that his body was found.Ē
    Rescue workers say they found the manís body yesterday evening at 7pm. They say his body was face down in the water and there appeared to be no signs of a struggle or of being in distress, but was wearing only underwear.
    The Dutch manís name is being withheld, according to The Pattaya News, pending the notification of his embassy. Police say an autopsy will be conducted to determine the manís exact cause of death.

    Elderly Dutch man's body found floating near Pattaya Beach | The Thaiger

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    Maybe it was a RIP current ?

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    choked to death on a floater

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