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    NHSO transferring patients from 63 fraudulent hospitals

    BANGKOK(NNT) - The National Health Security Office (NHSO) has recently revoked health security contracts with 63 hospitals and clinics found to have committed invoice fraud. The office today announced persons registered to receive health security benefits at these hospitals will be transferred to other hospitals without losing their entitlements.

    Dr Karoon Kuntiranont and Dr Attaporn Limpanyalert, Deputy Secretary-Generals at the National Health Security Office, announced the office’s protocol to apply in the transfer of hospital treatment rights of some 800,000 persons registered at 63 clinics where the health security contracts have been terminated.

    They say the NHSO’s Bangkok Office has already requested a list of patient appointments to transfer Health Security patients’ future appointments to other hospitals. Persons who have an upcoming appointment at one of these hospitals will be contacted to be advised of their new appointment.

    Alternatively, they can call the 1330 hotline to arrange their new appointment should they not have been reached already. Transfers will also be arranged for inpatients, pregnancy care patients, and patients requiring regular dialysis at one of these hospitals, with priority given to urgent cases.

    The NHSO will also find new hospitals for patients with non-communicable chronic diseases who require regular medication, such as those with diabetes and hypertension. For emergency cases, patients can go to any public hospital or any private hospital participating in the social security scheme. Patients with life-threatening conditions are recommended to visit any hospital nearby.

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    For a minute there I thought that meant they were fake hospitals...

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    Defrauding the health budget is up there with the education and transport budgets.

    These people are so crooked they couldn't lie straight in bed.

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