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    Royal Rainmaking Department to Fill Dams with Artificial Rain

    BANGKOK(NNT) - In around one month, the rainy season will pass. However, the average rainfall in many areas is still less than had been expected, meaning insufficient water is stored in dams and reservoirs ahead of the dry season.

    The Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation has already resumed its rainmaking program.

    The departmentís Director-General, Mr. Surasri Kidtimonton says that this, the last month of the rainy season, is the last chance to make artificial rain because after this month it will be difficult to make rain as the relative humidity becomes too low.

    Many areas of Thailand are still facing drought, and the water level of reservoirs is low nationwide.

    If there is no storm or heavy rain it will be almost impossible to fill dams.

    During this last period of the rainy season, the department, Royal Thai Air force, and other partners have been seeding clouds to make rain in every region.

    National News Bureau Of Thailand

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    Great, I thought they were going to leave the dams empty!
    Given there previous success with "rainmaking" best not plan on them being full though!

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